Hi, I'm Greg Bogdán

.NET Software Engineer

"Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle." - Napoleon Hill

See what I do


Desktop Application Development

I have experience in building multilayered Desktop Applications based on .NET WPF and WinForms technologies.

Recently, I started developing desktop applications for Windows 8, based on WinJS framework and HTML5.

Web Development

I used Silverlight for Web Application Development for a long time, but I'm also familiar with HTML5, CSS3, ASP.NET MVC, JavaScript and jQuery. I have some minor experience with PHP. I worked with MSSQL and MySQL, but I am not a pro in SQL development.

I have experience in website management, setup and hosting.

My main focus is HTML5 and JavaScript, since these two technologies are spreading and become as an option almost everywhere. These two technologies make a great mixture, which can be addressed on any platform.


I like to develop applications for mobile devices, my main target area is Windows Phone and Android.

I am a big fan of GitHub and CodePlex.

I also use Linux based systems, mostly Ubuntu or Ubuntu derivatives, my favorite Linux distribution is Linux Mint.


HTML5 localStorage wrapper

HTML5 localStorage - LocalStorageWrapper

A JavaScript class, named LocalStorageWrapper - built above the HTML5 localStorage providing a simple way to maintain values in localStorage.

Designing Evolvable WebAPIs - Book Review

Designing Evolvable WebAPIs with ASP.NET - Book Review

A great book to clarify the concepts on how to build an api, explained and presented with the possibilities of ASP.NET Web API.

Kendo UI Grid - Book Review

Kendo UI Grid - Book Review

One of the books from Packt's Instant series focused on Kendo UI Grid control.

HTML5 Pocket Reference - Book Review

HTML5 Pocket Reference - Book Review

One small little book, containing a lot of useful information about HTML5 elements.

Raspberry Pi Cookbook by Simon Monk - Book Review

Raspberry Pi Cookbook by Simon Monk - Book Review

I received the early version of the book, I read it, here are my thoughts.

ReWork by Jason Fried - Book Review

ReWork by Jason Fried - Book Review

I share my ideas, impression and opinion related to the concepts presented in this book.

Linux's wc command with Node.js

Linux's [wc] command cloned with node.js

Continuing the implementation of linux commands using node.js, this time re-implementing wc.

Linux's yes command with Node.js

Linux's [yes] command cloned with node.js

This post contains the description of my first linux console program clone implemented using node.js.

What programming language should you learn?

What programming language should you learn?

I read an interesting thread about what programming languages should we learn and I share some of my thoughts in this post.

RampConf summary day 2

RampConf - Summary Day 2

You can read my opinion of the presentations which I participated on the second day of RampConf and I also share an overall overview of the conference.

RampConf summary day 1

RampConf - Summary Day 1

Here are some thoughts about the first day of the RampConf.

Linux commands implemented with node.js

Linux commands with Node.js

I started to (re)implement some linux commands like yes using the node.js framework.

PHP Excercises

PHP Exercises - [HUN]

In this blog post I created 4 PHP exercises and provide solution for them. These exercises are targeting people who want to learn basics of PHP.

Windows 8 Apps

Windows 8 Developer Resources

In this blog post you can find a collection of online resources to start developing Windows 8 (WinJS) applications.

Blogging started

Let's get the party started

I started a new technical blog where I will share my thoughts and experiences which I have with the technologies I am working with.

Feedback, Idea ?

If you have any feedback related to the blog, or you have some ideas how to improve or extend it's content, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Greg Bogdán

I like to work with cutting edge technologies, I like to help out my collegues and team members. I'm a positive person and I always try to see the bright side of negative things. If I decide to do something then I will try as hard as I can to get it done and do it as perfectly as possible. I like to meet people, talk with them, share my experiences about technologies, solutions, system designs. I like to hold presentations and to teach collegues.

What do I do when I don't work?

I really like cooking and pastry cooking. I'm sure if, for some reason my IT career would have not been successful I would work as a chef or pastry-cook.Check my blog [HUN]

Sometimes I take long walks on the streets of Budapest, taking photos of buildings and people, trying to capture the moments of urban life. One of my passions is photography, but I have little time for this passion.

My other passion is racing, I like karting and sometimes I go and spend some time on the track.

I like sports, table tennis is one of my favorite, but I also like to play football.

Lets participate together to